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Planter Boxes

Building planter boxes as a hobby eventually led to the creation of Landtech Outdoor Solutions. Much of what we have done has started with a custom build planter box and led to landscaping projects.  ​

These can be built out of a variety of timbers - full pine or a mix of Recycled Kauri, Macrocarpa. Vitex, kwila, Ironbark, Iroko (African Hardwood) & Purple Heart. These hardwood timbers come in a range of stunning colours that make the boxes a beautiful feature in your outdoor space. The pine boxes are also good for painting.


They can also be fitted with lids (with hinges) and become storage boxes. However, we cannot guarantee full waterproofing.


These boxes are built to last. They have stainless screws not visible from the outside, proper drainage and padded feet.


Lead time for most boxes is about 2 weeks.


Pick up or delivery

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